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The GS Custom concept is exceptional. Especially your ability to provide the customer with exactly the right type of bullet for his rifle off the cuff. Your light for calibre monolithic bullet and twist match is a disruptive science and methodology compared to the lead core school of thinking. The same rules obviously do not apply to both. Thank you for such a great product. - GM, South Africa, 2016

I'm very impressed with your forethought in the design. So many companies focus on marketing but your focus on actual application, known design shortfalls and ballistic performance shine well beyond marketing schemes. I'm very glad a detailed realist as yourself started a company that can offer enthusiasts such a product. I look forward to reloading with GSC bullets. - JT, USA, 2016 

I shot a Springbuck at 254m, full frontal, up the side of a mountain. The shot was taken with a 270 and the 110gr HV at mv 3400fps. The animal was standing in a bush looking down.  At the shot, the animal fell and there was no movement. When retrieved, the first thing evident was that I had not got the head shot. Nor anywhere else that we could see. Much closer inspection showed a fine line shaved on the left of the neck and a pencil line of dehaired skin along the back across the spine.  It started just behind the neck on the left side and ran 30 cm along the spine off to right side. NO BLOOD. I had in fact actually missed. The skinning process drew a speculative crowd. Skinning showed that the spinal vertebra were popped out and were no longer all plugged into each other. The back muscle was also not too useable and very mushy.  How's that for a near miss?  Dave Allen, Port Elizabeth, RSA, November 2011.

I went to the range last Sunday to try my bullets. I fired 10 shots to increase pressures, then started shooting groups for seating depth variations. The first group was .25" at 100 yards! So I was extremely happy, to say the least. All other groups I shot that day were only slightly larger but all under .5". These are my new favorite bullets, for sure! Thank you again. Al Jones, Birmingham, Alabama, USA. November, 2010.

I would like to confirm that you definitely have the best bullets in the world!! Thank you, Gerard - for all the advice and willingness to help and share technical knowledge - and Gina, for prompt and friendly service. This is what this country needs - excellent service and excellent products. Cornus du Plooy, Gauteng, S.A., Jan. 2010.

The last two deer I shot, one at 310 yards and the other at 100 yards, dropped after the shots.  Both were shot with a .243 Win, using a 75 grain HV at about 3500 fps muzzle velocity. The deer at 100 yards was visible through a small opening in the brush.  The only spot I could see through the opening was his neck, so that is where the little 75 grain .243HV went....and down he went.  I have yet to have anything, other than the big bear I shot, travel more than 20 paces after being shot with an HV.  The bear went about 80. Allen Sparks, USA, Dec. 2009

I get unbelievable accuracy from my Brno 30-06 after receiving help from yourselves regarding load development with the 308150HV079. Thank you kindly for your service and excellent product. C du P, Pretoria S.A., August 2009

I wish to congratulate you again with your HV bullets, which add joy to any hunt, regardless of distance and/or the presence of wind.  At a distance of 300-350m with a 38km/h wind, the point of impact on a springbok ram was 1.5" down wind from point of aim. Having seen this, I was confident enough to take two headshots and one neckshot, perfectly placed, at distances between 120 and 210 paces. Needless to say: I know a good product, with added value, when I see it! MV - Cape Town S.A., August 2009

I would like to thank you for the gunstock oil you sent to me, much appreciated. The stock is already looking like a million dollars.
On saturday I managed an 11mm 100m grouping with the 375H&H 200gr HV's, S335 72gr at 3006fps. This was done with a 3x20 scope. MJ - Namibia - December 2008


After experimenting with different loads and bullets, I found that I needed more speed from my .375 Sako for hunting Gemsbok in the Kalahari. I had best results from GSC 200gr HV bullets, with groups of 11mm at 100m, at 3045fps.  I found this unbelievable, as I was shooting for groups from the roof of my pick-up. This incredible accuracy is obviously to the detriment of game! As it turned out, I used the same load on warthog, impala and kudu.  Johan Janse van Rensburg, Cradock, South Africa - September 2008

I'm having outstanding results with the 120gr HV bullets I received. My hunting rifle is a custom built Nesika, chambered in 7mm Remington Ultramag. While load testing, I found that the powder (Hodgdon Retumbo), that I normally use, was too slow for these bullets, so decided to try some Hodgdon 4350.  I loaded them in half grain increments, starting from 86 grains, all the way up to 95 grains.  I shot all the way up to 93 grains where I started to see signs of pressure. The thing that amazed me the most was the size of my group while load testing.  Loaded in half grain increments, I shot 15 rounds at the same target from 100 yards and ended up with 1 hole less than 1" right in the bulls-eye. My final hunting load for the .284 120gr HV is 92 grains of hodgdon 4350. Extremely flat shooting at around 4200 fps. Zeroed .5" high at 100yds,  it shoots 1" high at 200yds, 1.5" low at 300yds and around 7" low at 400yds. So far I shot 5 goats and 1 boar. I'm very satisfied with the performance of these bullets.  Aaron Amorin from Hawaii - September 2008

People advised me that my 7x64 was a little on the light side for Eland and I agreed. Having no other rifle to use, though, I proceeded. I shot an Eland from 100m using the GSC 130gr HV. That bullet hit so hard - one horse kick, eighty metres and expiry date reached. The bullet penetrated the entire eland. It was recovered under the skin on the far side, with minimal meat damage.  James Pringle, Limpopo Province, RSA - August 2008

I use a Truvelo .308 WIN for Bisley, as well as both bushveld and open plains hunting. As with my custom built rifle, I believe in using only the best quality ammo available. That was when I discovered GS Custom Bullets. I purchased a box of 130 grain HV bullets and started my reloading process. To my surprise I shot a grouping I didn’t think was possible as I never shot this before with any other bullet I tried. On my recent hunt in the bushveld and I shot three Impala at distances ranging from 86 meters to 212 meters. With a good rest for my rifle and the confidence I had in my equipment, all three were head shots. All three bullets performed way above my expectations and I now realise that I found quality, reliability and performance in my GS HV bullets. Wessel van Dyk, Gauteng, SA - August 2008

As far as results & performance of your bullets, I am entirely satisfied. I have just finished a 12 head of game hunt with two French Clients, and they used the 284130 HV in my Sako 7mm RM. They were very impressed with bullet performance on all animals from eland bull to kudu, hartebeest and zebra, wildebeest,  etc.  The 130 HV performed amazingly well.
Regis Lacomme, Cape Town, South Africa, July 2008:
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Attached is irrefutable evidence that with your HV bullets, anything is possible!   Not at all bad for an "Old Warhorse" with a 20-inch barrel. I can simply not wait to take this little "Plastic Mountain Rifle" of mine to hunt Springbuck on foot during the 2008 hunting season. Thank you GS Custom for your assistance in turning my Lee Enfield into a modern hunting rifle! Well, at least in terms of its ballistics. Kind regards, Marcel Venter, Cape Town, South Africa, December 2007.


I was struggling with the accuracy of my Sako .338WM for over a year and not satisfied with a grouping of more than 25mm.  I then read the article in Magnum and was very interested in the way that you think about speed, size of bullets, barrel twist etc. I also read about your muzzle break on your website and have ordered one. When I took the rifle to one of the local gun shops, everybody tried to persuade me not to fit the muzzle break. They were all of the opinion that this will worsen the accuracy of the rifle further. I insisted and had it done last week. I got the maximum speed of 3150f/s with 72grn of S365. I then tried different lengths and eventually decided to load a final test round of 89mm (almost touching the lands) and 86mm. The results were, to say the least, amazing. With other brands of bullets the rifle grouped the best with the shorter cartridges (86mm).  It was just the other way round with your HV200grns. First of all I must say that the recoil was surprisingly less than previously and the grouping at a 100m was “mind boggling” I shot a three shot grouping of 8,52mm with 2 shots at 3,12mm!  I have spent thousands of N$ trying to find something that shoots in my rifle. Thank you for a great product. I know where I will buy my bullets in the future. – GM, Windhoek, Namibia - August 2007.


These two bullets were used for texas heart shots on previously wounded Buffalo. Both penetrated the entire length of the animals and were found just under the skin of their chests. The one on the left hit and broke the spine (the animal was running downhill)  and the one on the right hit below the tail/spine.  ...... pretty neat huh! - Steve "Shakari" Robinson -  October 2006.

I am impressed by your bullets.  Speed with the 100gr HV from my 257 Weatherby Magnum is 3680fps.  I sighted in with a mud plastered old building as backstop.  The grouping was good and recovered bullets had perfect mushrooms with better than 99% weight retention!  On the first hunt I shot a Springbuck through the shoulder at about 120m and meat damage was surprisingly low.  I also took a Blue Wildebeest at about 300m, also through the shoulders, and had complete penetration.  I doubt if I will ever use another bullet, keep making an excellent product.  Regards, Gerhard Van der Linde - South Africa - August 2006.


I have used the GSC bullets on the range, as well as hunting in the Northern Cape. This is by far the most accurate bullet I have yet used in my 7x57.  As far as hunting goes, I have only used it on Springbuck, and the effects really surprised me. I must admit, I had my doubts about your claims of minimum meat damage with a 130gr 7mm bullet that flies at 3000 fps!   However, we had very little meat damage on the number of Springbuck shot.  You have really done an excellent job with this bullet :-))  Kind regards, Danie Coetzee - South Africa - August 2006 


I took one kudu and 5 springbok with the 270 HV 110gr in June. These are very accurate bullets with excellent penetration. I tested them on a wet pack at 100m and they penetrated 60cm into well soaked tightly packed telephone directories. Regards, Brendan  - South Africa - July 2006


I believe that if you're going to use a solid - then use a mono solid. I've seen most of the FMJ solids fail occasionally, but never a mono. The best mono solids I've used personally are the GS Custom flat nosed ones.  - Steve Robinson. 8 June 2006


This past weekend, with full moon, I shot a 65 kg bush pig at 110m with the 308 and a GS 130gr HP bullet. The shot traversed the lungs and liver and and the pig was down within 15m.  Excellent performance!  Peet - Eastern Cape RSA


I have a 338 wildcat that I've worked on for over a year and found it to be very finicky with every bullet I've ever tried. Lots of inconsistency. It took some time and a few different powders but I've finally found a great combination with H4350 and the 200 gr HV. This is an accurate rifle..... it just needs the right stuff. If it weren't for your bullets, I'd have wasted money on a new barrel long ago. Sincerely, John  -  Washington USA.


I have tried so many loads, and, FINALLY found the ONE!! I have built a custom 257 Weatherby Mag with a 26" Broughton SS barrel, VAIS Muzzle Brake, NESIKA model 'L' action (single shot) on a McMillan stock with a Nightforce 5.5x22x56 NSX scope. My most recent and current load is a 100gr GS HV bullet powered by 73.1gr of RL22 with a CCI250 primer. Yes boys and girls this bullet is traveling down the highway at 3710 fps, as recorded by my OEHLER 35P. I have killed 3 Mule Deer and 1 Elk with this load. Did i mention I shoot a SINGLE SHOT action. I did not have to reload in any of these kills!! My load developement has ended for Deer and ELK!!  -  Contributor on the Bench Rest Central Forum - 27 January 2006


Thanks for the excellent service. This bullet is still the best bullet on the market today (.257 100gr HV). I had 12 one-shot-kills this year (2005) with it. Kind regards, John - RSA 2006
I followed your instructions loading up progressively with the 130gr HV using S341 in half grain increments. With normal bullets, I can load only Somchem's minimum start loads before getting extreme pressure signs on the case. Incredibly, I saw no over pressure signs on the case at all- I still do not understand that !! Loaded five rounds and shot a group at 100 metres putting 4 shots in centre to centre group of 11.80 mm the 5th opening the group to 16.35 mm (measured with a precision vernier). This equates to the very best groups that I shot 25 years ago before my eyes and body started their downward slide. - Brian,  RSA 2005

I have, without too much trouble, hit upon a load using the 45 gr HP bullet in my .222 Sako that gave 1/3 MOA accuracy - not even under ideal conditions that was! Also did a quick and dirty penetration test against a conventional 50 gr bullet. I think I would use this HP bullet on game up to blesbok size. Apart from the HP bullet (82% weight retention) outpenetrating the conventional bullet (27%) by a very wide margin, I will never use the conventional bullet on edible game again.  I was amazed at the small size of the lead fragments it produced. A lot of ignorant people are eating lead with their venison... - W Schafer, South Africa. 2005


My intent was to use the 110 gr. GS Custom HV for a late season antlerless hunt. The bullets didn't disappoint. I quickly arrived at a sizzling 3730 into 1/2" in limited testing. These bullets come coated and are shot out of a moly prepped 3-groove, 27", 1:9 twist, fluted Pac-Nor tube. At about 8:30 in the morning I sent my first 6.5 bullet at a live target. The doe stood broadside at just shy of 370 yards, according to my rangefinder. I held dead on and fired. As I arrived at the point of impact, I found one spot of blood in the snow. But not three feet away I saw serious blood spray. It was an easy track to the horizontal doe not 40 yards away. The bullet entered mid body just behind the foreleg and exited just forward of the opposite leg, with about a quarter size exit wound. - Comment on the Long Range Hunting Forum.  2005


I ended up using a GS 500 grain FN in my 450 Dakota for elephant in Botswana in 2002. Frontal heart shot at 50 yards. Didn't take another step. A decent 65 pounder. Also used it for buffalo. Havn't been able to go back. I wish I could have recovered the bullet but alas no luck. - J. Looper, Florida, USA 2005


Perfection comes from South Africa, where GS Custom is turning out true wide flatnoses. These bullets are favored by really experienced and knowledgeable professional hunters. The one you see in the picture went the full length of a six-ton bull elephant. - Ross Seyfried in Handloader Magazine, Feb 2004.


I would really like not to have to report negatively on anybody's products, but with the enormous gap between your bullets and the rest of the high velocity contenders, I simply can not hold my peace forever. Thanks for turning our rifles of dismal performance into rifles that now only give us the greatest of pleasure. - John Coetzee Pr Eng, Gauteng SA, +27 82 5555 575 (2004)
After the testing I did with them, I have to agree with you that you build the best solid bullet ever. - Phil Shoemaker, contributor Handloader Magazine and The Alaska Professional Hunter Magazine

Something of interest. I bought GS bullets for my safari operation and the preliminary hunting results were fantastic. We shot two very big warthog bears, one in the neck and the other a boiler box shot with minimum meat damage. The pigs were shot with a 25-06 at 3300 ft/s with the 100g HV bullet. We also shot two Impala Rams with 300WM at 3150 ft/s, 150g HV bullet with the same results. Preliminary groups of rifles are excellent at 100m with both the 25-06 and 300WM printing at half an inch with three shot groups. I own a 444 Marlin which is great in bush hunting and I would like to test your new 44 MAG bullet when it is available later in the year. Please contact me when this is available to test on buck and pigs. I am hooked. - Marius van Rensburg.


Since I started using the 250 gr HP in my 9.3x62 CZ rifle, I had all one shot on the spot kills. I use 49 gr of S321 (79 MM OAL), and the velocity is around 2250 fps. In my rifle this load is the most accurate, giving less than one inch at 100m. Using the sticks, I am dropping warthog and impala up to 200 meters. Meat damage is far less than what I used to get and I save on meat what I spend on bullets including target shooting. - Best regards, Andrea Sandri-Boriani, Mpumalanga
I ordered 7mm (.284) HV bullets and want to thank you for the great bullets. I shoot 7mm Rem mag and .284 Win. When I got them I only had time to work up loads for one rifle before our local deer season. I started with your suggestions and ended up with load that averages in the .3's in my .284 Win at 3250 fps. I shot two whitetail deer at approximately 160 and 215 yards. Both dropped like stone. Neither shots were spined but both dropped like they were. Both shots were high, being near the apex of the trajectory, but the closest was about 2.5 inches from the spine. I was hunting from an elevated stand when I shot and saw dirt fly on the far side of the deer. On the first deer, for a brief moment, I thought I had shot over it but when it dropped, I realized it was very fast total pass through, the second time I knew what was happening. I am very impressed and I have ordered HVs for my 25-06. - B Collier, MO USA
Drum Roll Please! Rifle: Ruger M77 Magnum (out-of-the-box) Barrel: 24" Ruger factory, 0.810" muzzle, Scope: Leupold Vari-X III 1.5-5X, Rings: Standard Ruger, Bullet: GS Custom FN .416 380 grains, Brass: Norma, Powder: H4831, Charge: 105.0 grains, Primer: Federal GM215M, Velocity: 2509 fps, Accuracy: 0.147" for 3 shots at 100 yards, COL: 3.710"
Dr. Ron Berry - Kentucky, USA. See the full story

Rifle- custom 7STW with 27.5", 1-10 twist barrel built by the Gun Trader in Reno, Nevada. Load: Winchester case, Federal 215M Primer, 85.5 grains of IMR-7828 (work up to it), 130 grain HV Bullet from GS Custom (BC of .550 with a G5 drag curve.) Velocity - 3850 fps in 40 degree temp. 3-shot average of .18 at 100 yards from the bench. Shoots sub 1.75" at 325yards from prone bipod. Great performance on mule deer this year. - A customer from Reno, Nevada. Posted on the Accurate Reloading Forum
I recently got my 375 and loaded up with your 265 gr. HV bullets. Performance in the field has been terrific. I took a Zebra and Kudu both with long shots and both were instant stops, like a big hand had slapped them down. I recovered the bullet from the Zebra, it entered on the left shoulder, smashed the heart, broke the last rib and lay against the skin. Weight retention was 84%. I also shot 5 Impala this last weekend at various ranges, mostly under 100, but one at about 180. All were instant kills and meat damage was minimal, less than the guys using 30-06 and 308. - A. Young,  Johannesburg RSA
I shot aprox 30 roos with the .264 Winchester in July of last year. Bullet placement was purposely low to check the killing power with POORLY placed shots on the first 10-12 roos.  All animals were stopped DESPITE the low chest shots.  With proper placement the animals went straight down, which was impressive when you consider the construction and design intent of the bullet. Fouling was minimal.  I have used monometallic bullets for years both here and in Africa on four plains game hunts. Your bullets are a quantum leap over the others in their accuracy and lack of being "finicky" as far as loads and individual barrels go.  - B. Calvin,  Australia.
Your claims sounded to good to be true. But they are true. Wow! I must first tell you that this is a pleasure that I almost don't want to share with anyone else. Your bullets (308150HV)shot better in my 7.82 Warbird than any of the others I tried. Nothing was even close! My gun has a very lightweight barrel made for carrying, not for accuracy! I am sure others can do much better than I. I shot 3717 fps with better groups than any other brand tried, with no signs of pressure, with 103.5 gr of Reloder 19. My best group was with 101.5 gr. It was minute of angle at 3586 fps with a variation of velocity of less than 10 ft per sec. Other brands exhibited much larger variations. I always use the Outers Foul Out to clean. Even though I shot more rounds, there was less plating on the Foul Out rod. This gun really knows how to copper foul, so that was an added bonus. From now on I'll be shooting your HV bullets, unless you come up with something better! - J. Macy,  Alaska USA

I can't believe the performance of your bullets. I am shooting your .284 130 grain HV bullets in my 7 STW. I have a 27.5", 1-10 twist barrel, with a shorter than standard throat. You recommended IMR-7828 and a starting load of 80 grains. I loaded 2 shots each of 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, and 85 grains. The first 2 were at 3720 fps. The loads with 85 grains were 4070 fps, but they expanded the primer pockets too much. I will probably settle at 83 to 83.5 grains with 3900 fps and good case life. All 12 shots went into a group of .777" center to center. I was amazed. Thanks. - V. Foster, Nevada USA
A couple of years ago, GS Custom in South Africa started producing bullets to almost this same design. In the six or so years I have used them and seen friends and colleagues in National Parks use them, I can confidently state that, for buffalo, a flat nosed solid is definitely the best. The bigger wound channel, better blood spoor and significantly greater tissue damage compared to a conventional solid leaves them far ahead. For dealing with a charge they remove the dilemma of soft or solid. A flat nosed solid is best - end of subject! - Dr. Don Heath in African Hunter Magazine Vol. 7 No.2
I shot a .5" group with the 265gr HV 375 bullets and the 270gr FN 375 grouped about .5" below the HVs, total group .925". I dropped down to 2925 fps and the group pulled together immediately. My deviation on the loads were 4 fps with the HV and 10 fps with the FN. I don't know if everyone checks those numbers but to me it shows extreme consistency of bullet production and load. - Steven Santala,  Montana USA
I used your 110 grain HV bullet in 6.5x55 to bag a beautiful eland cow at about 100 metres. Muzzle velocity is 3100 fps and the shot was a little high, but I was exhausted and breathing heavily. She went about 20 metres and expired. The performance of this bullet is breathtaking and, although I had my doubts beforehand, a friend assured me that if I place the bullet correctly, it will get the job done. K. Swanepoel,  Northern Province RSA
I shot two Eland (a cow and a young bull) in the 'Berg about 6 weeks ago with my .30-06 Ackley using 168 GS bullets. I only recovered one of the side on shots..... - Greg,  KZN RSA
My .375/416 Rem is built on a Klienguenther K14 with a 28" Douglas barrel. I loaded 82.5 grains of IMR 4320 behind the 265 grain HV. The primer I used is the Federal 215 Magnum. The first three bullets made a hole exactly where the crosshairs were on the target! Talk about being sighted in at 100 yards. I had to go look at the target to discover if the second and third actually hit the paper. The hole was, don't call me a liar, only 1/8" larger than the bullets!!! Four opened the group up to 5/16", and five destroyed a benchrest hole by opening it up to 9/16". The velocity was, 3054, 3051, 3050, 3060 and 3060. Ain't bad for an old rifle, hey? -Rich Coyle,  Oregon, USA
I received your e-mail too late to push up the load and stayed with the speed at 2900 fps (160 grain 30 cal. HV bullet). We enjoyed the hunt tremendously and the HVs worked perfectly. We both got our eland and will only use HVs in the future. - W Krige,  Cape Town
The last elephant and two buff. were shot with GS Custom FN solids. To say they worked well is an understatement. And this statement comes from a person that doesn't think much of (monometal) solids. - Butch Searcy, Accurate Reloading Forum, 4 Dec 2002.
I like these things. Now I have to try the .416/330 grain HV for USA use. I know what I'll use on buffalo someday. I did not recover any of the 380 grain FNs, as I got tired of digging! - Don Goldston,  Ohio,  USA
I have to give you credit. The tolerances from bullet to bullet are extremely close. I weighed and measured bullets and have never seen anything quite like them. - Jim Clark, Indiana, USA
I weighed ten bullets each of three calibres, then did the same with three popular imported brands of bullets to check uniformity of weight, the GS bullets won comfortably. - Koos Barnard,  Magnum Magazine
Collin Sanderson, (local PH in Hermanus) phoned me back in Durban today to say that the 224 40gr and 270 110gr HV's you sent to me recently for him are the most accurate ever tested in his guns. He shot a 3 bullet group of about 8mm at 200 metres !!!! yes 200 (Tikka 22-250 bull barrel 8x32 scope) and a 10mm group at 100 metres with the 270 (Weatherby in 270 Win). He is very pleased as they are used for long range vermin control. Another convert. - Kind regards, Bruce Shaw, Durban.
A friend of mine shot an elk with my 416 Rem using your FN solid, broke the shoulder going in and hip going out...A two inch exit hole and instant death....I intend to shoot an eland in Texas next month with FNs in my 450-400 if they will regulate, if not I'll use the 416 Rem. -Ray Atkinson,
I do love and use the old German 9.3x62 a lot. With either 286gr or 293gr solids it really performs well. I have used some of GS Custom's (Port Elizabeth, South Africa) 270gr HV/FN/Solids with devastating results on buffalo. Their 450gr in .458 in the Watts also gives incredible penetration. BUT, BE WARNED, REFRAIN FROM USING EITHER IN A HERD!!!!!! Incredible penetration in both calibres. - Willie Vermaak, DINARE SAFARIS +27 57 357 4656
I've only been using your .404 and .308 bullets for a short time, but I must admit that I'm very happy with what I've seen until now. The only type of "failure" that I've noted is that the bullets fail to remain within the animals. This is highly frustrating to an avid bullet retriever, but then again total penetration is what I regard as the ideal. Both the .308 and .404 bullets zipped straight thru everything that crossed their paths. The most impressive was a full length body shot on a blue wildebeest with the .404! I'm done hunting this year, and me using your bullets on the real big stuff would have to wait until next season. - Riaan Niemand,Toro Afrika Safaris.
Premium grade bullets are here to stay and one of the best is the locally produced GS Custom.
Koos Barnard - Magnum Magazine

I believe that Gerards FN expanding solid is the answer to the debate and is the most innovative bullet to come along in this century for Buffalo and elephant... I will be testing it in Zambia and Tanzania next year for sure and perhaps on a Buffalo cull in late Nov/Dec. of this year...I do know that Johan Calitz swears by them and thats the ultimate recommendation in my book. - Ray Atkinson,
Thanks a lot for the information on M98. It really works. I removed the copper fouling from the barrel of my 375H&H quickly and with no trouble at all. - Corrie Hattingh - Gauteng
Just got back from Zim. I shot a 38" Buffalo bull. Range was around 45m, quartering away from me. The bullet (505540FN) went in behind the ribs (RH) through the rumen, spleen, liver and heart and exited the far (LH) shoulder. Very little external bleeding, massive internal though. It ran about 65m and died. I subsequently shot a young injured bull from the front, through the head and out it's butt. See the hunt report here   - Cheers, John Harris - KZN
I loaded the 160HV's in front of 77gr of S385, to COL of 92mm. First three rounds grouped at +- 38mm, pretty much as the corners of an equilateral triangle. Second three, with COL = 91mm, went into 20mm. I decided that a kudu at 300 metres wouldn't detect the difference and stopped there, preferring to keep my extra cartridges for hunting! There were no tell-tale pressure signs. Let it also be clear that I was shooting over bags of pellets located on the tailflap of the bakkie, and there was as a result a certain amount of good old fashioned "shooter error". I believe the loads are potentially tighter-shooting than the results showed. - Neville Bentz - Port Elizabeth
I recently tried your M98 borecleaner and if your bullets are anything alike, it would also be the best I have used so far! I mean this stuff is great and it is the first time in my life that I actually got dirt out of clean barrels !(That's right I tested it on already clean barrels !)I have recommended this stuff to all my friends. - Louis De Jager - Secunda
We went hunting in the Richmond district with the 25-06 and your 100 grain HV bullets. To put it in a nutshell, I fired 11 shots and brought home nine buck. The prize of the trip was a 15.25" springbuck. Eugene Combrink of Magnum Arms in Nelspruit ranged it with a Bushnell rangefinder at a hair over three hundred metres. Throughout the hunt the wind was unpleasantly strong and the lack of wind drift of the HV bullets compared to others on the hunt was nice to have. All the shots were clean with very little meat damage and a large degree of predictability as to how the bullet will traverse through the animal. In a herd situation this is an important feature not found with jacketed lead bullets. - Alan Malherbe, Gauteng
I have not yet used your .308 bullets, since I am still trying to shoot through my late father's supply of ******* (When he finally started reloading, he felt he had to catch up, and this could take another 30 years of hunting). I am however a great fan of your 338 HV 200 gr. You used my Sako for development of the bullet and over and above excellent performance, it makes for interesting camp-fire tales. Regards - Jaco Richter, Brakpan

Just a note to let you know that I have had excellent results with your 270 grain 9.3 spitser boattail in my 9.3 x 64. Accuracy is superb and meat damage is the lowest I have had with this calibre.
Manfred Kuchler - Gauteng


We went hunting black wildebeest this past weekend. The bush was so dense that we realised 30 to 40 meters was going to be a long shot. As it turned out, I shot mine at 40 meters with the 130 gr HV at 3200 fps from my 308 Win. It was almost straight on and the bullet entered just off the centreline of the chest and we followed the bullet path to beyond the kidneys but could not find the bullet. The lungs were completely destroyed but even at that range and speed, there was a remarkable absence of meat damage. My hunting partner had 10 times more damage on his wildebeest with a very similar shot with his 375 and a 300 gr jacketed soft point. Despite the increased meat damage, his wildebeest ran almost 30 meters while mine went down in two paces. - Nols Thiart, Tzaneen.


I shot the biggest kudu I have ever seen in the Eastern Cape this past weekend. It was facing straight towards me and I did not have much time. To make things more difficult, it was a long shot and, for the first time in years, I started with a bout of buck fever! I held the croshairs just under the chin and squeezed it off. The bull went down instantly and did not even kick. The 130 grain HV bullet performed flawlessly, dropping about 10cm over the paced 260 metres, completely smashing one vertebra in the neck and leaving very little meat damage. - Brian Smith, Port Elizabeth


Your new 35 grain HV bullet for the 22 Hornet is incredible. It is the first time that I have been able to shoot to exactly the same point of impact at 50 as well as 150 metres. It works extremely well for culling of vermin. Congratulations. - Glen McGill, Gunsmith, Oudtshoorn


Magnificent! Unsurpassable! In a different class to all the others. - Francois Strydom, Professional hunter, Gauteng.


Excellent grouping (10mm)at 100 meters with my 9.3 and good penetration. - Hannes Harmse,  Blinkpan


I use ONLY GS Bullets for range practise and hunting. I am very satisfied with the results I get with them. - Chris Fourie, Centurion


I had a very successful hunting season. 1 Blue wildebeest, 220 m - 2 Gemsbuck, 160 en 180 m - 3 Impala - 1 Kudu. Only one of the gemsbuck ran some distance at the shot. The other fell on the spot. - M.B. Delport, Voortrekkerhoogte


After purchasing GS 85gr MHP bullets for Reloading, I was delighted to obtain groups of 50 mm at 200 metres on a consistent basis. With regular cleaning before and after use with good cleaning solvents I experienced very little fouling, however, it was in the field where this bullet proved itself to me. Since using the 85 grainer in my .243 Sako I have successfully bagged 1 Kudu Bull. 1 Blesbuck Ram 17 1/4" (Rowland Ward), 4 Bushbuck Rams, 1 Fallow Deer Stag (Rowland Ward), 15 springbuck Rams and 8 Duiker Rams of which two were 4"+ horn length. What more can a hunter want? Meat damage from 150 m out to 400 m was acceptable - what more can a hunter ask for? - Johnny Wagenaar, Port Elizabeth.


Following the instruction sheet in the box, loaded some ammo up in pairs with your 308160HV.078. My rifle is a Remington 700 adl synthetic in 300 Win Mag (1 in 10 rifling twist). At the range speeds started at 2830 ave and I hit 3050, which was my target speed, there were no signs of pressure. These rounds were loaded to 85 mm oal which is just off from touching the lands in my rifle - quite a bit longer than the factory max oal spec(83) and they grouped well - the holes cutting each other. They also group very close to my practise round (conventional 150grs at 3100 ft/sec). Being reluctant to pull the other rounds, and in the light of no pressure signs, I fired the remaining loads and got a speed of 3130 ft/sec. Still there were no excessive pressure signs. I dug around in the backstop and recovered four of the fired bullets - they retained at least 95 % of their weight - very impressive. The conventional bullets I fired were just little bits of shrapnel in the sand. Thank you - so far they promise to do just what they are supposed to and my rifle seems quite happy with them. Cheers and thanks again. - Stephan van Tonder, Gauteng


GS Custom HV Bullets is surely the best thing that has happened to me this year. Not only are they incredibly accurate, but they also work at lower pressure levels. It is a pleasure to work with them. Meat damage is remarkably low despite the higher speeds at which they run. - Org Hamman, Arms Dealer and former Chairman of the SA Reloaders Association, Aliwal Noord


Visited your website - impressive looking twins. Sorry I can't say the same of their dad. - Koos Barnard, Magnum Magazine


After using a variety of GS Bullets I have one comment - EXCELLENT STUFF!! - Colin Pankhurst,  Queenstown (2001)


I obtained 3/4" groups at 100m and could not build a wetpack that would contain this 270 grain 375 H&H bullet. - Customer at the Big Shot Show 2001


Groups well. Good weight retention. I shot a Springbuck at extreme range with my 300Win at 3200 fps muzzle velocity and had no meat damage with this 168 gr GS Custom HP bullet. - Attie Janeke,  Vanderbijlpark (2000)


Tricky to load as I am a first time user of GS HP bullets. But now, I'll never use a conventional bullet again. It has the advantage of high weight retention, is as accurate as conventional bullets, has superior retained velocity (flat shooting), always penetrates for a good blood trail and - always expands. I'm a believer. - Ken Gordon, Johannesburg (2000)


I shot a warthog from the front at 60 metres. The bullet passed above the head, struck at the base of the neck, severing all the ribs on one side. The bullet mushroomed beautifully, and lodged in the back leg. Weight retention was excellent as only one petal broke off. The pig dropped where it stood. - Ken De Bruyn, Elardus Park (2000)