Should you need any information about the suitability of a bullet for a specific cartridge which cannot be found on these pages please e-mail us.  

 HV - General hunting and long range hunting bullets

 SP - Target and tactical bullets

 FN - Solid dangerous game hunting bullets 

 HG - Handgun bullets

 CIP and SAAMI Cartridge Specifications

 Twist Rate by Cartridge and Manufacturer



Notes on Using the GSC Bullet Profile Tables

1. Our bullet numbers are composed as follows: The first three digits denote the caliber(224, 308, 375 etc). The next three digits give the weight in grains(035, 150, 200 etc). The two letters indicate the type of bullet (HV, FN, SP, HP or HG) and the last three digits, the part number which serves as a double check. 308150HV179 would be a 308 caliber bullet that weighs 150gr and of HV type.

2. Use the tables as follows: Find your cartridge. If more than one bullet weight is listed for your cartridge, click on the bullet number to see the individual bullet data profile to determine which is the best bullet choice according to the steps below: 

A.)  Match the bullet length correctly with the twist rate of your rifle and with the intended range distance in mind.

B.)  Check that the launch speed of the bullet is more than what the cartridge can develop.

C.)  Check the bullet protrusion to see if the cartridge will fit your rifle magazine.

D.)  If you wish to deviate from these guidelines or if your cartridge is not listed, check with us to prevent wasting your hard earned cash and time.  GSC has extensive experience of what will work in your cartridge.