SP Tactical and Match Bullets

Drive band bullet technology has many advantages over old style smooth or grooved bullets. Drive band bullets are different from grooved bullets and you can read more about the subject here.

GSC SP Bullets are turned monometallic copper bullets - There are no concentricity issues or shapes that vary from batch to batch.  Always the same ogive, always the same weight and always the same diameter. No variables.

Bullet engraving pressure is very light - this gives lower temperatures in the throat area of the barrel and extends barrel life.

The transition from case to barrel is much smoother than smooth or grooved bullets - this reduces vibration and improves accuracy.

SP Bullets are manufactured in such a way that the drive bands seal gas sooner and more effectively than conventional or grooved bullets - this reduces gas blow-by, reduces temperature and extends barrel life.  Longer and faster shot strings can be made without the damage that would normally occur due to heat build-up.

Barrels remain clean for longer and are easier to clean when the time comes - shot strings are extended and wear is reduced.

Drive band technology allows increased speeds over conventional bullets of comparable weight - wind drift is similar, trajectories are flatter, time of flight is reduced and groups are smaller.

Please make sure the bullet is suitable for the cartridge by clicking on the link to SP bullets - Technical Data.


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