Bullet Design and Q&A

GSC bullets are designed to the following standard:

Diameter tolerance: + or - 0.005mm (0.0002").

Length tolerance: + or - 0.10mm (0.004").

Weight is within a quarter percent of the stated weight.

Uniformity of ogive curve: - + or - 0.005mm (0.0002").

This is an overall standard that is maintained from batch to batch - not just within a batch.

Bullets are turned on computer numerical control machines.

All GSC bullets are turned from pure copper rod, accompanied by a certificate of traceability and quality. 

The machine room and raw material is temperature controlled from 70F to 75F to minimize the effect of expansion and contraction variables of raw material and equipment.

Copious amounts of coolant is used in machining to reduce heat expansion of the copper in the turning process.

Each cnc lathe is equipped with a measuring station where the bullet is measured, weighed and checked for perfect machining.

Rejects are also recorded to keep record of tooling inserts and careful record is kept of all processes.   

The bulletsmith passes the batch to the QA and finishing department. 

Here the bullets are washed and every bullet is again checked for the same parameters as were done by the bulletsmith - diameter, roundness and taper, weight and machining flaws.  This is done to catch any mistakes the bulletsmith may have let slip.  From here the bullets go to finishing and coating and then to packaging.

Throughout the process, random checks are made with separate, calibrated measuring equipment to ensure standards are held.

Three bullets taken from three different production runs, spanning more than a year.

The bottom line: every bullet is checked against several parameters that are important, not once, but twice.  We believe we have a system that makes it as failsafe as is possible, to ensure that every bullet received by a customer is a precision tool. Our factory is open to visitors at any (reasonable) time. 

Primers, powder and cases may vary from batch to batch, but you can rely on GS Custom bullets to be
uniform from batch to batch, week to week and year to year.

More Accurate, More Consistent, Most Reliable.