GS Custom Bullets manufacture four different bullet styles and M98 bore cleaner.
More Accurate, More Consistent, Most Reliable

HV Bullets for normal hunting applications to 500 metres.  There are some HV Bullets that are designed for hunting at longer ranges.  HV Bullets are drive band bullets and can be fired at higher speeds than smooth or grooved bullets of the same weight, without exceeding standard pressure levels.  Barrel wear is reduced and external, as well as terminal ballistics are improved.  Use HV bullets when a tough bullet with guaranteed expansion is required. HV bullets expand reliably from 1500/1600fps.

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FN Bullets are intended for dangerous game where deep, linear penetration is essential.  Other applications would be for birds or very small animals where any expanding bullet would result in unacceptable damage to the cape.  FN Bullets are also manufactured with drive bands and are safe to use in any double rifle, modern or old.

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SP Bullets are target and tactical bullets.  All SP bullets are made with drive bands for reduced wear and reduced heat build up.  SP Bullets are perfectly concentric and uniformity, from batch to batch, is guaranteed.  SP Bullets are application specific and attention must be given to the technical data that is available for every bullet in the SP Bullet section.

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HG Bullets are solid copper drive band bullets for handguns that deform in a controlled manner.  GSC has tried various nose shapes and various profiles.  Some looked very impressive and some looked as though they must somehow work.  Yet, in experiments, we come back to one particular shape every time.  It simply gives the most reliable results and is most effective. Sometimes a simple idea works best.  If you require a single, large wound channel, linear penetration and total reliability - if you want a 'knock them down and drag them out' bullet - look no further. 

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Easy to use. No sinus scrubs and no burning skin.

Clean copper and carbon fast with one product.

You can pay more but you cannot buy better.

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