HV General Hunting and Long Range Hunting Bullets

GSC is the oldest CNC turned bullet business in continuous sales. We have been making CNC turned bullets since 1992 and are now proudly selling in the USA

GSC is still the technology leader with more features than any other bullet. HV Bullets are best because the learning curve never flattens and we have a head start.


The GS Custom concept of drive band bullets, from which grooved bullets got their origin, is enough of a departure from the norm, that it requires an open mind to fully evaluate all of the aspects. There are several traditional theories that are seriously challenged by the new set of rules that has evolved as a result of the GSC drive band concept. This evolution, since 1993, has proven conclusively that with GSC bullets, higher speeds are possible at safe pressures.

Tests done at the Somchem Ballistic Proof Laboratory yielded the following facts.
1. A 40 grain HV bullet was tested in a 223 Remington. At a pressure level of 382 Mpa, which is 48 Mpa below the CIP maximum, a velocity of 3834 fps was achieved. This is 200 fps faster than previously possible with the powder used.
2. A 110 grain HV bullet from a 270 Winchester barrel, exceeded previously accepted maximums by more than 100 fps.
3. A comparative test done with identical components, under strict laboratory conditions, with two popular competitive 150 grain 30 caliber bullets versus the GS Custom HV, confirmed that higher speeds can be achieved with HV bullets than any other type.
4. Loading GS Custom bullets, seated against the lands of the barrel, did not raise pressure levels as is the case with conventional bullets.
5. Velocity consistency as a result of uniform quality, was significantly above the industry average and comparable to the best target and bench rest bullets.
6. The GSC drive band concept works best with propellant charges that fill the case completely, and with bullets that are traditionally light for a given calibre.
GS Custom HV bullets are designed to give the lowest total air drag possible for a given caliber. Coupled to the fact that they are turned from pure copper, these bullets are on average 20% longer than jacketed lead bullets of similar weight. The result is a range of bullets with ballistic coefficients comparable to the heavier bullets, but with the speed advantage of lighter bullets. The HV designs are refined to give reliable terminal performance over a wider velocity range with the best balance between expansion and weight retention. Every bullet make and type has a window of application - a speed range within which a hunting bullet performs best, terminally.  With GSC expanding bullets you are given the widest possible window.
GSC Drive Band Bullets have the following advantages:

* GSC HV bullets are more reliable. Straight and deep penetration is a given, shot after shot.
* Less deflection if something is hit before the target. All bullets will deflect but GSC will be more likely to hit closer to the point of aim.
* Load development is simplified - There is no need to follow a node or a ladder system for an accurate load. See the Load Data page for more information.
* On the loading bench, GSC drive band bullets are easier to handle than conventional bullets and loading can be done in less time.
* GSC drive band bullets are not speed sensitive for grouping - You can separate the speed and accuracy development and save time and money.
* Copper fouling is reduced to levels not previously possible - Barrel and throat life is more than doubled and barrels run cooler.
* Due to the design, terminal performance is enhanced and bullet failure, due to complete fracture, is eliminated.
* GSC HV bullets expand to double caliber at impact speeds as low as 1600/1700 fps.  By contrast, weight retention at extreme speed is good.
* Less wind drift - The two factors that control wind drift, BC and velocity, are maximized.
* Trajectories are flatter, making range estimation less critical.
* Time of flight is reduced. Even if an animal moves unexpectedly as the shot breaks, the point of impact will be closer to the mark.
* Momentum and energy levels are elevated, enhancing terminal performance over a wider range of distances and speeds.
* Meat damage is confined to the bullet path, putting more meat in the freezer.

Having said all this, as well as all the information on the other HV pages, bear in mind that there is no such thing as the magic bullet. All we can promise is that, if you place the bullet properly, GS Custom HV bullets will give you the best possible shot.


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