GS Custom HG Bullets
More Accurate, More Consistent, Most Reliable

HG bullets are solid copper drive band bullets for handguns that deform in a controlled manner.  GSC has tried various nose shapes and various profiles.  Some looked very impressive and some looked as though they must somehow work. 

Yet, in experiments, we come back to one particular shape every time.  It simply gives the most reliable results and is most effective. Unlike hollow points and 'gator's teeth' that sometimes clog on thick clothing or veer off when striking at an angle, sometimes a simple idea works best.  

If you want a single, large wound channel, linear penetration and total reliability - if you want a 'knock them down and drag them out' bullet - look no further. 


Twist Rate by Manufacturer

Coating on HV, SP, FN and HG Bullets

Twist Rate Specification