Through further research done on lubricants in the USA, GSC decided to do away with moly (MoS2 - Molybdenum Disulfide) as a part of our bullet coating process.  There is the perception that GS Custom Bullets are coated with moly but this is not so, GSC has once again improved a process. 

GSC Bullets can be used interchangeably with uncoated bullets. Unlike regular coated bullets, that are usually done with molybdenum disulfide, GSC bullets do not affect how uncoated bullets shoot and uncoated bullets do not influence GSC bullets at all.

GSC bullets are coated with a complex coating that consists of three metals, as before, but with the replacement of moly with another metal.  The purpose of the coating is to reduce copper fouling from the already low levels that GSC drive band bullets give, and to make the barrel easier to clean, thereby increasing shot strings, before accuracy falls off.  Barrels also run cooler than what can be achieved with any other bullet or coating.  Should a barrel be used with GSC drive band bullets exclusively, it can be expected that the barrel will last two to three times longer than when used with conventional smooth or grooved bullets.

GSC bullets can be used interchangeably with conventional or uncoated bullets.  Bullets coated with only moly, or another coating, may react differently to GSC bullets and uncoated bullets.

Do not change anything with your method of cleaning, GSC bullets require no special changes or methods.  In fact, you could simplify your cleaning and shorten the time it takes, by changing to M98 bore cleaner.  It is a one product application and takes care of everything you require for cleaning the bore of any firearm.

Bear in mind that, shooting a barrel hot will accellerate wear, regardless of what type of bullet or coating is used.  If a rifle barrel is too hot to touch, it is too hot.