There are some things I always do:

*  I do not shoot brass/bronze bullets down any barrel of mine.

*  Clean the barrel whether you have fired one shot or 80 or more in a session.

*  Clean chemically rather than brushing.  Only brush if it is really neccessary and then only use a nylon brush.

*  Never use a polish or an abrasive compound in a barrel.

*  Never use a bore snake or a pull through, in a barrel for cleaning. The usual method is to pull it from the muzzle but pulling it from the chamber side is equally bad.

My personal cleaning method is:

Wet a jag and cloth about halfway from the front with M98 and push through the barrel from the chamber.  Push the rod until the cloth protrudes from the muzzle about halfway and then back it up into the barrel about half an inch.

 Pour a litlle M98 into the 'cup' that is formed by backing up the cloth.  Still with the muzzle up, slowly pull the jag and rod out of the chamber.  The idea is to coat the barrel with a layer of M98.

Set the rifle down and have a cup of coffee or tea.  (M98 cannot harm the inside of the bore if it stays for months, so don't worry.)

Wet a cloth and jag with water (not dripping with water) and push through the barrel, from the chamber, as many times as neccessary until the cloth comes out clean.

Repeat if required.


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