7mm STW Test and Hunt Report - by Alf Smith.  "Gerard Schultz's GS Custom 130gr HV monometal hollow point was, however, the eventual winner. At a lightning fast 3750 fps with groups of 6 mm, I chose this load for my hunts in the Kalahari."
375 H&H Vs 375 Ruger Part 1 - "GS Custom HV product is unique in respect to performance, design and handloading practices."
375 H&H Vs 375 Ruger Part 2 - "The internal damage (to the animal) has been done, as long as expansion has occurred and the bullet’s path is through a vital area. The additional ventilation makes for a faster bleed out. The GS slug is flat out fast, thanks to its unique design, and it puts a lot less wear and tear on equipment."
AmmoGuide: When the Bullet is Actually Different - By Mike Price.  "Load development is simplified with the driving bands and the bullets are not speed sensitive for grouping. Copper fouling is reduced to levels not previously possible. Barrel and throat life is more than doubled and barrels run cooler."
The Perfect Dangerous Game Solid? - By Pierre Van Der Walt.  "The two bullet designs currently coming closest to meeting the criteria, are the GS Custom Flat Nose Solid (extensive range of weights and calibers), and the limited range of SuperPenetrators manufactured by Michael Reichenberg Spezialgeschosse in Germany."

Do you have The Flinch? - By Gerard Schultz.  "Everyone has a discomfort threshold. For some, a .243 produces discomfort and for others, a 460 Weatherby is a bit too much. Fact is, everyone has a discomfort threshold."